You are Your Own Story

We all grew up listening to the stories, fairy tales, stories of adventure, good stories and stories with happy endings and sad endings. One thing is common in all is the characters in the story. Thereafter, the characters’ activities, roles, flaws and achievements make up one beautiful story.

Just imagine a time when we are the characters of stories and those stories are told to children. Yes this is what we all should do, create a story of our lives. We need not do great, need not jump from the building nor do we have fairy tales.

That is never going to change. The way you build your business and the way you make real impact by great storytelling.

This is REALLY important.

We all need to reverse engineer what’s actually happening in our world to win. My whole career has been predicated on reverse engineering – Understanding what I think is going to happen in the next 24-36 months and then figuring out how to work backwards from there to map out the path to capitalize on it.

My biggest problem right now, in general, is that I feel that the far majority of people in business organizations and media companies all across the board are storytelling in 2017 like its 2007. It’s all I think about.

Let’s tell our stories by collecting the acorn moments of our lives. In a commoditized life, let’s use our best commodity – Our Time. Commodity is what matters in this life.

We live in a completely on-demand culture and as consumers and marketers, we need to recognize that.

          Now tell a story of your creativity, make your business a story to share, make your product the characters to complete your story.

          Mix your passion and strategy. It will work. We are putting passion into our businesses.

          Recently I stated my 4th company called Access2Canada. Can you believe it that there are no banners and posters. Yes I am still getting them designed.


I didn’t feel the need of it, because now I am aware of how consumption has changed. People watch small video clips every day on their phone. It’s called Instagram stories and YouTube! Business my story matters, my connection matters. The later part is what I will display on the banner. So, let people create stories with you, create moments which can stay longer and worthwhile, so that we need not sell our products and services, and instead let’s build up our vision.

This is why we are here, Me and Suzannee , we thought let’s build our story of business with you all part of it. This how we grow, this how we expand. By sharing, we have to share our ideas, our values, we have to share our hearts.

We chose community center to give us all a perspective of how we all are one in a flower pot.

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