Hope, Happiness and Empowerment. Make right choices. We value Respect, Tolerance, Courage, Responsibility, Honesty, Confidence and Love. 

My Fem World is an endeavour to celebrate woman in every walk of her life. We want to share simple and success stories of our day-to-day activities. It’s a tribute for all women for their varied significant roles that they play in the society from their birth till end of their life. The woman, who is unique, is a maker and shaper, with her abundant, tireless energy and
everlasting care.

Here, we all will share our concerns, memorable moments and facilitate global connections between woman and her world that she needs to connect. This will promote a better living, general wellness, build confidence, recognize individual identity and help women to create an identity for her. It is a platform for global dialogue and a home for exploring woman’s passion and celebrates women empowerment.

No matter what role each of us play in our lives, be it a daughter, child, teenager, or are at any stage of our existence, we all unknowingly leave an everlasting effect and an enduring impression on society in spite of leading an average life. Let’s join together to celebrate being a woman, empower them, and motivate them even though they are everyday hero in our lives.

We are sharing the best stories and woman voices here. We invite you to be a part of our celebration. Please share your powerful stories and experiences, the impactful things you do/did. Our success is shared and our concerns are cared.   


Invest in women 

·       Helping women and girls is not only thing or the right thing to do. it’s
an intelligent investment for a better future for them and their family.

·       It helps and encourages them to become working mom and financially


The mission of MyFemWorld is to empower women from all over the world by celebrating feminism, help achieve their dreams through a channel that has a worldwide potential.

By 2018, MyFemWorld will be known in every continent as a place where women can find it very interesting as well as relevant information that will help them feel good about themselves and empower them to realize/make their dreams come true.


·       To promote a positive image as  well as empower women, their culture or country of         origin.

·       To provide a platform that helps women to enhance their potential in order to achieve       their personal goals.

·       To build an informative website to get the information or topic they are looking for, and     thereby make them feel good about themselves and strengthen their confidence.


MyFemWorld is a Maker of Positive Change

We give you a platform to explore yourself, no matter what you are doing and how you are doing, we just believe in seeing a successful story in our everyday life..

·       We inspire, bring changes, as well as help you to celebrate and motivate you.

·       Our group consists of an inspiring network of women who are entrepreneurs, as well as     professionals, who push your boundaries far and wide to achieve your goals.

·       We help you expand your horizons with our networking and Global business connections.

·       Even we also focus on personality development.

·       Educating & training to enhance your knowledge and skills.

·       Our team would also assist you to access new information and opportunities to develop     your business, as a person and a professional.

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·       If you want to start a business and does not know what to do and how to
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·       We will create awareness in makeup and fashion for everyday mom.